Orb Defense was released 1 year ago today! (December 17th)

Hostile Spawn: Vengeance

January 14, 2010 2 comments

We are pleased to announce the release of Hostile Spawn: Vengeance, an update to the original. This is a major rework of the entire game; all the graphics have been updated and improved and the game mechanics have been completely overhauled. The sounds are more atmospheric; the weapons are more lethal; and the spawn are deadlier and more inclined to eviscerate you than ever before.

The original set of ten levels have been recreated in the new version, along with a whole new set of ten levels for members in the Vengeance expansion. The Vengeance level set has new areas, new kinds of creatures, new Achievements and more weapons. Continue the story, and guide the marine in his desperate struggle for survival. The original level set saw the marine battle through the research base on the distant planet of Kerrus. After a desperate escape from that infested world, the marine was adrift in deep space – who knows what new horrors are to be found there.

In the new version of Hostile Spawn, darkness and danger surround you, and light spreads slowly through the dim corridors. Fortunately, you can now carry as many weapons as you like, swapping between them at any point. All the graphics in the game have been completely overhauled and rendered from 3D objects, giving the game a much more realistic feel. The levels have been designed to test the sharpest of reflexes and the strongest of nerves, and the enemy spawn now act with a renewed level of intelligence and viciousness.

In total, Hostile Spawn: Vengeance has 39 Achievements, 20 levels, two Hard difficulty modes, eight weapons, and thousands of hostile alien life-forms whose sole intent is to dismember and kill you. So tool up, marine, lock and load, and remember: short, controlled bursts!

Mod Korpz
Head of FunOrb

Next Update: January 13th

December 30, 2009 Comments off

Hello All,

Just to let you know our next update is planned for January the 13th and will be the graphics and level set update to Hostile Spawn. As always when I post these sort of threads, there are no guarantees that we will hit that date, but right now that is the plan. :)

Have a superb Christmas, speak to all in 2010.

Mod Korpz.

Kickabout League Facebook App

December 18, 2009 Comments off

We have a special present for the FunOrb community; Kickabout League is now available as a Facebook application. The application is completely free of charge and it’s a great opportunity to challenge all of your friends to a soccer showdown. This is a Beta release; we have a number of further updates planned over the next few months. Please let us know if you have any feedback on this initial release. Head to the feedback thread on the Kickabout League forums to post your views (Quick Find Code – 52-53-734-48042).

The Kickabout League application allows you to compete in a global ‘World League’ by playing in Rated games, and you can also create your own ‘mini-league’ and invite your friends to join you in unrated matches. You can view the World League table, as well as the tables for your own mini-leagues, and you can let everyone know about your victories by publishing updates to your profile page.

Take on the world, challenge your mates, and let all of your Facebook friends know just how amazing your Kickabout League skills are!

Click here to log in to Facebook and get started.

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War of Legends Announced: Win a Laptop

December 18, 2009 Comments off

From @OfficialJagex:

The @War_of_Legends holding page has been launched at http://bit.ly/6DUAoM. Sign up for a chance to win a laptop. Ajd

What is War of Legends? Is it a FunOrb game? A new MMO entirely? The oft-rumored Thirdscape? Register your email at the website above and have the chance to win a laptop.

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Bachelor Fridge Released

December 17, 2009 Comments off

We are proud to announce the launch of Bachelor Fridge, a slimy insight into what goes on inside your fridge when nobody’s looking. As a self-respecting bachelor (or bachelorette), you have never cleaned out your fridge and you’ve started to notice that things are getting a little bit frisky in there. The bacon has started grazing on the lettuce, the takeaway curry from the summer has started a bid to dominate the bottom shelf, and something rather disturbing is going on in the ice tray. While all of this is rather gross, it does open up a new area of competitive sport…

Use your knowledge of rotten foodstuffs to breed the most fearsome and foul-smelling microcosm of fighting creatures the ice tray has ever seen. Battle other creatures for fortune, glory and cash for shopping, and evolve and breed yet more mouldy menaces. Can you create the most devilishly devious fighting creature ever to grace a bachelor’s fridge?

The action takes place in two distinct areas: the breeding ground of the fridge where you produce and evolve your crusty creatures, and the arena where your nutritional nightmares do battle with the creations of bachelors from all over the world. Arena matches feature a turn-based system of movement and action, where each player simultaneously decides on the type of movement or action that their creatures will perform. These actions are then played out in order of the creatures’ initiative. Budding bachelors must use their cunning to outwit and out-gross their opponents, in addition to breeding creatures of hideous power.

Bachelor Fridge is packed full of 50 Achievements, some of them crisp and fresh, others decidedly gruesome. Free players can get involved with Rated games, and members have access to extra supermarket items and ice tray space. Spending money for Groceout.com is earned by playing Rated games, and matches can be enjoyed by up to 4 players, each sending up to 6 creatures into battle.

So, hold your breath, put on your safety goggles and prepare to delve into the rancid, dripping world of Bachelor Fridge. Go get your hands dirty!

Mod Sporx
FunOrb Developer

Your Thoughts: Priest and Skeletons

December 12, 2009 Comments off

Hey guys,

Thanks for all your feedback on the Jade Vine! We’ve been mulling it over in our padded cell and we’ll probably still be discussing it a few weeks before the update’s due to go live.

We appreciate your concerns about Zamorak being a bit wimpy. One of the thoughts we’re toying with would be to make the skeleton an 8 point warrior as opposed to the 15 point Skirmisher it currently is. We think this might make Skeletons and Necromancers a bit more competitive in the early game.

Saradomists take note! We’ve been scouring the forums and on the whole we feel that Saradomin is probably one of the best balanced Gods in the game. Some people love him; other people loathe him. That’s a good sign! We are curious though about the priest. Does anyone use him at all? Would it be useful to change the spiritual barrier so that it appears where the priest is at the beginning of his turn? Any previous barrier would also disappear at that point too. That way you wont need to sacrifice him at all!

Let us know what you think on both issues!

Mod Shade & Mod Crispy

Happy Belated Birthday, Andrew Gower!

December 4, 2009 2 comments

Happy belated birthday to Andrew Gower, who turned 31 on December 2nd May your presents be plenty and your cake be delicious.

Missing a birthday by two days…this is not going to help my probation from coming within a hundred miles of the Jagex offices.


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